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I've just had one of those absurdly amazing customer experiences that is so rare today.

Over Christmas, I ordered seven books from These were eventually split into two deliveries. The second courier package arrived with a single book in it, out of three that was supposed to be in the package.

I didn't pay much attention, until this morning when I realised there wasn't going to be another delivery. So I got online with Amazon customer assistance and was amazed to find:

  1. A response to online chat in less than a minute;

  2. A hyper-correct and polite exchange (in French);

  3. An immediate resolution to the problem: the two books were re-ordered and re-sent on the spot;

  4. A transcript of the chat and the new order sent by email and added to my customer account automatically and immediately.


This is such a contrast to normal customer service in the part of the world where I live, where governments have managed to make you guilty of everything and needing to prove your innocence for everything. And where public education and business have followed suit.

Compare this with the level of service you get at the social security administration, Companies House, motor vehicles department, tax administration, aliens registration, etc. even private banks ... where we all pay significantly more every year.

It's also reminded me that we need to do better across the board with customer service and customer experience in my own companies. An example worth emulating.

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