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Wage Slavery in the Tech Sector

We keep talking about corporate social responsibility and being good corporate citizens. Do our investment and consumption policies reflect that?

I stopped for a coffee at Starbucks in Limassol this morning and saw two delivery workers for a popular delivery service waiting for their deliveries. They were both Asian immigrants.

I imagine they are at minimum wage. And I imagine they can barely afford Starbucks coffees given that minimum wage. I rarely see Cypriots delivering food, and I can imagine why.

We have built an economic model based on incredible inequality and a growing and permanent underclass.

The fact that we do so using global brand names and billions in venture capital is frankly repugnant. I wonder what the CEO of this firm makes and whether he gives a damn.

Has anyone developed a social equity index for the tech sector? Maybe we should?#venturecapital#livingwage

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