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Hitting Facebook Where it Hurts

I read of the recent decisions by Coca Cola, Unilever and other advertising giants to pull advertising from Facebook until the latter gets its fake news house in order.

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Here is the answer to how quickly Facebook’s vaunted commitment to “free speech” lasts.

I admit there are no easy lines to be drawn between free speech and the outright political lies, advertising dreck and conspiracy theories so common on social media.

And especially on Facebook.

But after seeing so many factual events distorted for political gain, I can agree with Justice Potter Stewart’s definition of obscenity: I know it when I see it.

It’s sad to reflect that so many requests by the victims of lies, misinformation and political propaganda could not stir Mark Zuckerberg. Only his bottom line.

And I don’t expect the “reforms” announced to be effective. Just another stopgap until the next scandal erupts.

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