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25 Cities contribute 52% of Greenhouse gas Emissions

According to research published by three Chinese scientists, 25 cities worldwide account for 52% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

When we think of the difficulties in coordinating a response in a single municipality, let alone the clusters of municipalities that comprise mega-cities, one wonders whether we are focussing correctly at all on tangible climate change remediation.

For example, the Municipality of Athens is only one municipality in the Attica region: the greater political unit has 62 municipalities in it.

Can anyone think of meaningful GHG emission reduction initiatives taking place in your municipality? I'd love to hear of them.

"The top 25 (15%) of the 167 cities accounted for 52% of the total GHG emissions, which are mainly from Asia countries [such as China (Handan, Shanghai, and Suzhou) and Japan (Tokyo)] and EU countries [such as Russia (Moscow) and Turkey (Istanbul)]. As suggested by Moran et al. (2018), concerted actions implemented by a small number of local governments could have remarkable impacts on global emissions reduction. In general, both developed and developing countries have cities with high total GHG emissions, and some cities in developed countries still generated a great deal of emissions (such as cities in Japan, the USA, Korea, Germany, and Singapore) in the study period. This could raise equity concerns, since major cities have generated the biggest share of GHG emissions, but the consequences of climate change (such as extreme weathers, wide fires, and biodiversity loss) are borne by the whole world, and the poorer regions are possibly more vulnerable to these consequences (Morgan and Waskow, 2014)."


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