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Jonathan Bastable has written a beautiful paean to the renovation of the Bourse de Commerce to house the Pinault Collection on the Christie's website. It's one of the most beautiful things I've read in a long time.

Renovated by Tadao Ando, the Bourse has been completely re-done and is destined to join the ranks of Paris art landmarks.

I have shamelessly copied the sublime photos from Bastable's superlative article. And I can't wait to visit.

Tadao Ando explains the design philosophy in this amazing quote:

‘In the contemporary age, geometry is used by humanity to connect to the ethereal. I have often used the square, the circle and the triangle within the buildings that I design. When these Euclidean geometries are expressed in space, they provoke symbolic and somatic experiences.

‘In Japan there is a word, okuyukashii, which translates roughly as “modest and elegant beauty”. Independently, the term okuyukidescribes depth in art, space and information. This root word implies that the layering and concealing of elements can amplify the experiential aspect of beauty.

‘It is an innately Japanese way of thinking and was often utilised to create dimensional theatricality in the Buddhist temples of Kyoto and Nara.

‘It is my hope that our renovation of the Bourse de Commerce will extend the lifespan of the building for centuries, so that future generations can enjoy it.’

Jonathan Bastable. Christie's.

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