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Today I walked up past the Pnyx to part of the ancient deme of Melite. The remains of its streets and houses can be seen on the bare limestone rock.

This part was located located outside the city walls (the Diateichisma). The rest, probably the wealthier bit, was located inside the walls, at Thissio.

From this hill you look south and west at the traditional enemies and rivals of Athens: Aegina; Corinth; Sparta. During the Peloponnesian War the Spartans used Megara as a base from which to raid into Attica, burning everything within reach.

I was happy to see a small group of friends (unknown to me) arranging a birthday party. I was less happy about the language. There is something unsettling about hearing a 20 year old woman shrieking the words μαλακα and πούστη in nearly every sentence. Her good choice of a birthday location does not extend to the health of her mind. Sad.

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