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I am a consultant, entrepreneur and investment specialist who has advised financial institutions, governments and enterprises on digital disruption, internationalisation, internationalisation, and investment-led growth since 1994.


I started my consultancy career in 1994, one year prior to the launch of Netscape web browser and the start of the Web 1.0 boom. A key focus was advising start-ups on fundraising, and investors on due diligence in tech start-ups. I supported the first wave of disruption in sectors such as banking and travel between 1995 and 2000, when the first crash took place.


In parallel, I advised on “real economy” investments, primarily in industry and manufacturing, that took place in Greece, Central & Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. I have worked on over 140 investment transactions with a total investment value exceeding € 6 billion.

Philip Ammerman Consultant Digital Transformation Investment Led Growth Entrepreneurship



Although we didn't see it at the time, 1995 saw the launch of Netscape Navigator, the world's first real web browser. This kicked off a massive revolution in the digital world. I remember showing a group of travel agents in 1996 how a tourists could start researching a destination, or a hotel. Digital transformation is at the core of my work. 


In 2010, we launched the Navigator Entrepreneurship Charter, a commitment to support one start-up or spin-off a year between 2010 and 2020. This has commitment has unified our technical work as consultants with the digital world we work in, and has led to a major change in my life.  

Investment-Led Growth

A key focus since starting my career has been investment-led growth. I work at different stages of the investment cycle: from investment screening and modelling, to due diligence and structuring, to post-investment support. This includes mergers & acquisitions and organisational restructuring. It's not all about numbers. 

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